One of the main technologies in our company is cold pressing of metals. For this purpose we own classic and CNC eccentric press machines which we fit with progressive cutting tools. Our production capacity can be offered for custom production in the range from 25 to 400 tons.



Equally important technology is manual, semi-automatic, robotic welding and spot welding using the MMA, MAG and TIG welding technology. Our qualified welders work with modern equipments enabling us to offer the highest possible quality of welding.

Elektro-erozivní obrábění

Electroerosive machining

Electroerosive machining is recommended especially for the production of complex shapes most commonly used for pressing tools. We own equipment such as wire-cut electric discharge machine FANUC Robocut Alpha C400iA and EDM drill machine SY-2030.


Mass finishing

The purpose of mass finishing is to remove unwanted burrs from the material. Mass finishing is performed by rotary vibrators Rösler R320 EC which has a total volume of 320 liters and Rösler R220 EC with a total volume of 220 liters.



For automatic threading we have developed our own threading machine which is able to meet customer requirements.

3D měření

3D measurements

To ensure the measurement of spatially complex technical parts and to determine the suitability of processes, machines and molds, the DEA Global 3D measuring CNC machine is widely used. We are able to offer this technology as an individual service.


Tool shop

Tool shop serves for maintenance of tools for our production and for production of simple single-purpose and progressive pressing tools.


Washing technology

We offer equipment for industrial cleaning of water-based media parts. The devices are for cleaning and degreasing individual parts.


Rolling technology

Metal rolling is the forming of metals by passage between the rotating rollers of a rolling mill. The material is deformed as it passes. It is cold rolled, especially during the final rolling of precision rolls from semi-finished products.

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